G E Sayce Cup (Men's Open) Results

The 2019 G E Sayce Cup (Men’s Open) very kindly sponsored by Builth Wells Garages Limited was played on Sunday 12th May. A field of 98 players took part with 14 different golf clubs represented. The golf course was in superb condition and the weather was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky. The 2019 Champion was home club member Chris Offa with a score of 74-10=64 pipping Ceiron Binding (Bargoed) on the back nine, Ceiron scoring 79-15=64. The best gross score of the day was returned by Gajendra Gurung (Cradoc) with a 4 over par 70.

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Club Captain Tom Mills presenting 2019 Sayce Cup winner Chris Offa with the trophy

Club Captain Tom Mills presenting 2019 Sayce Cup winner Chris Offa with the trophy

Senior Men's Team Open Results

The first Open event of the 2019 season took place on Wednesday 24th April with the Senior Men’s Team Open. An excellent entry of 30 teams took part representing 20 different golf clubs from across England and Wales. The early starters certainly had the better of the weather with sunshine until around midday and then a spell of heavy rain. Non the less the golf course played well and feedback was positive.

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The format for the competition was 90% handicap allowance, stableford playing from yellow tees; 2 scores to count on holes 1-6, 3 scores to count on holes 7-12 and all 4 scores to count on holes 13-18.

Builth Wells Golf Club will hold a further 2 Seniors Open events in 2019, Seniors Pairs (4 B/B/B) on Monday 3rd June for seniors aged 55 and over; Seniors Open (individual stableford) on Wednesday 3rd July for seniors aged 55 and over.

2019 Rules of Golf changes

The rules of golf will be changing as of 1st January 2019, please make sure you are aware of the new rules. The most important changes are displayed in the clubhouse, new players edition rule books are available in either the Pro Shop or clubhouse.

20 most important rules changes to the Rules of Golf 2019

1. 3 minute search time, no longer 5 minutes
2. No penalty for accidentally moving ball while searching. Ball must be replaced.
3. Embedded (plugged) ball rule in effect everywhere in general area, including rough, at all times.
4. A club length is defined as the player’s longest club except for their putter.
5. Drop ball from knee height.
6. Ball on wrong green, player is not allowed to take stance on a green to make a stroke.
7. Accidental hitting equipment is not a penalty, unless player is purposely trying to use as a backstop.
8. Double hits are no longer a penalty i.e. counted as 1 stroke not 2
9. In a bunker, you can smooth marks if not on the line. Also - able to lean on club in sand.
10. Can remove loose impediments anywhere, including a hazard/penalty areas. Ball cannot move or 1 stroke if it does.
11. Unplayable lie in a bunker, 4 options
a. 2 club lengths from the unplayable lie (remaining in bunker) - 1 penalty stroke.
b. 1 club length along the line of flight (remaining in bunker) - 1 penalty stroke.
c. Stroke and distance within 1 club length of original spot (remaining in bunker) – 1 penalty stroke
d. Drop behind outside of bunker along the line of flight - 2 penalty strokes.
12. Water hazards are now called penalty areas, and will be predominantly red. Players will no longer be able to drop on the far side of the red hazard (penalty area) i.e. 10th hole. The golf course can now mark any areas as penalty, with or without water.
13. Touching ground in a penalty area is allowed.
14. If ball moves on the green through act of nature (wind, slope, etc), player must replace on the original spot.
15. Accidental touching of ball on green is not a penalty, player must replace on original spot.
16. Repairing damage on a green can be performed at anytime (spike marks, pitch marks, old hole plugs) and anywhere. Natural imperfections are a part of the game so no smoothing entire line.
17. No positioning of a club to help line up a shot - Rule number 10
18. No help from a caddie to help line up a shot - Rule number 10
19. Hitting the flag in the hole is allowed even on putting green – Rule number 11
20. Ball wedged on flag stick, ball is considered holed if partly below the lip.

Memorial Open Team of Three

The Memorial Team of Three competition took place on Sunday 21st October with a fantastic entry of 39 teams (117 players) representing 13 different golf clubs. The weather conditions were perfect which was reflected in the overall scoring.


1st Chris Offa, Jeremy Pugh, Tom Offa (Builth Wells) 96 points £75.00

2nd Robert Collett, Alistair Paton, Gareth Dalgleish (Raglan Parc) 90 points £66.00

3rd Brett Williams, Shane Jones, Lee Davies (West Mon) 88 points £60.00

4th John Parker, Guy Walker, Roy Samuel (Builth Wells) 87 points £54.00

5th Julian Lee, Simon Whitcombe, Sean Pagett (West Mon) 83 points £45.00

6th Tom Davies, Colin Evans, Paul Pearson (Builth Wells) 82 points £39.00


1st Kim Allen, Steph Jenkins, Kay Coldrick (Builth Wells & Cradoc) 74 points £45.00

2nd Kara Parker, Sheila Saer, Dot Jones (Builth Wells) 71 points £39.00

Nearest the Pin 5th hole: Antony Bridgeman

2’s winners: £9.00 per two

Julian Lee x 2; Sean Pagett; Les Hall; Tom Mills; Jon Samuel; Norman Allen; Gareth Pearson;

Trevor Price; Nigel Griffiths; Chris Hughes; Heather Hughes; Clive Price; Dino Minoli; Colin Haywood; Sue Cooper; Chris Offa; Tom Offa;

Builth Wells Golf Club 72 Club

The OCTOBER 72 Club draw has taken place, the lucky winners are shown below:

   1st               Mabel Bowen                                    £100

   2nd             Trevor Price                                     £80

   3rd              Margaret Richards                                                    £60

   4th              Val Rodgers                                             £40

   5th              Les Jakeman                                                              £20

Anyone wishing to join the 72 Club please ask in the Pro Shop or Secretary's Office. The cost is £24.00 per year with 4 draws paying out a total of £1,200 plus in prize money.


The 2018 Open Weekend began with the Cumberland Cup team of four event on Friday 24th August. Ladies teams, men's teams and mixed teams took part with the overall best score winning the Cumberland Cup.


Cumberland Cup & Mixed winners -

Anne & Gordon Williams, Mandy & Mark White (Hollywood)     98 points


1st    Josh Price, Ciaran Price, Jack Hammond, Chris Jones (Builth Wells)   97 pts

2nd  Jon Samuel, Tom Samuel, Andrew Claridge, Billy Samuel (Builth Wells)   95 pts

3rd   Tom Offa, Thomas Edwards, Harry Edwards, Aaron Evans (Builth Wells)  93 pts


2nd   Kathy & Peter Clement, Fredericka & Mark Price (Machynys & Bryn Meadows)  93 pts

3rd   Tina & Ian Kinsey, Elsbeth & Malcolm Morton (Hurlston Hall,Formby Ladies/Formby)  89 pts


1st   Sheila Saer, Dot Jones, Kim Allen, Kay Coldrick (Builth Wells/Cradoc)    88 pts

2nd  Lisa Hughes, Lindsay Jones, Sherrie Edwards, Hayley Price (Builth Wells)  83 pts

3rd   Mo Inglis, Heather Hughes, Sandra Hodnett, Dee Rees (Looe/Builth Wells)  82 pts

Nearest the Pin 5th (Men)   Dick Sawdon Smith

Hole In One 15th hole - Jon Samuel (Builth Wells)

Day 2 - Saturday 25th August - 4 Ball Better Ball stableford

Ladies - Manchester Trophy

1st    Tina Kinsey & Elsbeth Morton (Hurlston Hall/Formby Ladies)     41 pts

2nd  Elizabeth Derwent & Stevie Parker (Builth Wells/Maxstoke Park)    40 pts

3rd   Carol Bancroft & Jenny Curley (Maxstoke Park)    39 pts

4th   Chris Hughes & Debbie Roberts (Builth Wells/Baron Hill)    38 pts

5th   Anne Williams & Mandy White (Hollywood)    38 pts

Nearest the Pin 5th hole - Elsbeth Morton (Formby Ladies)

Men - Jim Downs Cup

1st    Antony Bridgeman & Guy Walker (Builth Wells)     44 pts

2nd  Chris Jones & Steve Witherston (Builth Wells)      43 pts

3rd   Phil Johnson & Nick Morgan (Builth Wells)        42 pts

4th   Roger Booker & Allan Demery (Builth Wells)     41 pts

5th   Gus Rubery & Paul Street (Rhondda)           41 pts

6th   Carl Lloyd & Aaron Evans (Builth Wells)      41 pts

Nearest the Pin 5th hole - Terry Troth (Kings Norton)

Day 3 - Mixed Greensomes - Sunday 26th August

Due to heavy rainfall and the course being unplayable the Mixed Open was cancelled